Sheila is now home she arrived at 1:55 pm on Feb 15th after a 5 day trip from hell on greyhound, jefferson lines and baron bus from Florida to Washigton state. She was rerouted twice and caught in 2 avalanches. That forced the bus to return back to the depot, and she had to wait a a day or so, she was in Billings, MOntana

November 1st 2018

My fiance was recently arrested on some serious charges and the reasons and how she was arrested were not lawful. This is all cause of her abusive narcissistic / schizophrenia ex bf who refuses to take medications, he also believes hes the antichrist. Proof being in a website he made about the coming of christ. Funny part is most of the content is about shit he and I talked about and it wasnt about Christ.

This page is about my lady Sheila Cook. She was taken from us in the morning of November 1st by 2 police officers,  serviing Fugitive warrant issued out of the state of Florida, the kids didnt even get to say goodbye to their mom. Details are still sketchy as its only been 4 days, they are charging her with 6 counts of Larceny. The warrant was issued cause they think she ran from Florida after commiting a crime. Thats kinda funny considering, she was talking to cops a lot before she left florida and it wasnt about this bullshit crime. I had to make this website cause I need to start building a defense.

This whole situation is a crock of shit and I intend on FREEING MY WIFE. 

Free Sheila Cook: This is her story 1
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